Centre for collaborative innovation in dementia

Jun 1, 2022News, Uncategorised

Through a living lab approach, the Liverpool John Moores University Centre aims to generate sustainable solutions to the everyday challenges of living with dementia

Dementia is a long-term condition that adversely impacts upon a person’s everyday ability to function; this is above and beyond what might be expected from normal ageing.

With people living longer it is anticipated that the incidence of dementia will double by 2030 and by 2050 more than triple. There is an increasing drive to develop innovative and cost-effective dementia care strategies which focus on supporting people with dementia to live well.

These innovative approaches will only work effectively if they meet real needs. Bearing this in mind the Centre for Collaborative Innovation in Dementia works in partnership with people living with dementia and interested partners to provide an open environment in which to innovate and validate potential solutions to the real life challenges of living every day with dementia.

Read more about the centre and its work in a piece from Health Matters partner Dr Grahame Smith, Centre Lead – Centre for Collaborative Innovation in Dementia, Faculty of Health, Liverpool John Moores University.

Grahame also discusses how the Centre is pioneering a new methodological approach to health innovation – real world validation through its involvement in the Health Matters project.

Read the blog here.