Event: The Ventilator Challenge

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Accelerating pandemic efforts through high energy physics. The ventilator challenge – 1 year on.

About this Event

Have you been thinking of how health technology is developed? This event explores some of the unique experiences from the ventilator challenge, lessons learned and is an opportunity to share insights on the challenges and opportunities for health technology development….

There’s been unprecedented collaboration in response to COVID-19.

The need for mechanical ventilation, a small but important part of the management of pandemic virus infections affecting the lungs, gave rise to national and international collaboration.

Ventilators are typically expensive to purchase and maintain, and need considerable training to use. Organisations came together to answer these challenges; from training and regulatory considerations, to rapidly designing new ventilator systems.

Ventilator challenge

Working with international scientists at CERN, the Science and Technology Facilities Council co-ordinated a project to produce high-performance ventilators at low cost, with the aim of making it available for Low-Middle Income Countries. We expect the HPLV to be available for licensing later this year.

The project stemmed from the High Energy physics Ventilator, which was developed at CERN. It brought together a group of institutes combining expertise in technology and software, originally developed for fundamental physics at the Large Hadron Collider, to support the pandemic efforts.

One year on

Join us as we discuss the journeys and considerations from those who responded to the ventilator challenge, latest developments and how lessons learned could be leveraged to improve responsiveness to future health technology challenges.

This event is open to innovators and researchers working in health technology.


1:15: Welcome

1:20: Dr Paula Collins, CERN – ‘Developing the High Energy physics Ventilator (HEV): The Consortium Journey and Results from the project’

1:45: Ian Lazarus, STFC – The journey to the High Performance Low Cost Ventilator (HPLV): What is HPLV?

2:05: Break

2:10: Open Spotlight talks: Discussing Challenges and Opportunities in Health Technology Development, attendees have the opportunity to register to share their thoughts on what next as part of a short spotlight talk. (We welcome contributions from Academia, Clinical and Industry).

3:00: Break

3:05 Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned – How can we improve our responsiveness to future rapid response challenges in healthcare technology? The panel reflects on their experiences in the ventilator challenge

  • Chair: Professor Tom Clutton-Brock, Director, Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre
  • Prof Mark Thompson, Director, Oxvent
  • Peter Phillips, CEO, OxVent
  • Dr Michael Kipping, Innovate UK
  • Rob Turpin, Head of Sector (Healthcare) BSI Knowledge Solutions

4:00: Closing Address

If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact Phil Carvil (philip.carvil@stfc.ac.uk)

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