Event: UK Space Life and Biomedical Science Symposium

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This symposium will bring the communities of the Space and Health & Life Sciences sectors together to discuss the current & future landscape

About this Event

The UK is internationally renowned as a leader in life sciences and chemistry R&D, health care delivery, and in particular, has a heritage of world-leading aviation medicine experience.

Specialist research associations like the UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association (UK Space LABS) and others have been working with these communities to increase awareness and understanding of our fields of endeavor, to facilitate improved collaboration between space and health sectors as they have developed.

This symposium brings the innovation communities and institutions of these sectors together to discuss interfaces between disciplines and sectors, share current opportunities and updates and help to inform the future strategy for cross-sector collaboration.

We are delighted to announce that this event will also host the launch of the position paper “Why Space? The Opportunity for Health and Life Science Innovation”

10:15: Welcome

10:30: Opening Address: Professor Charles Cockell, University of Edinburgh – ‘Biological sciences on the Moon: A BioMission concept for ESA’s Large Logistic Lander (EL3) programme’

10:50: The evolving space landscape – Libby Jackson, UK Space Agency

11:20 Break

11:25: Launch of the paper Why Space? The opportunity for Health and Life Science Innovation

11:50 Break

11:55 Open Spotlight Session a word from the community – 60 minutes

  • On registration, participants will have the option to register for a 2 minute spotlight talk which is open to clinical, academic or industry talks

Break – 15 minutes

1:10 Panel – What Next for the Health and Life Science Sector and Space: Chair: Dr Barbara Ghinelli, UKRI-STFC

  • Cynthia Bouthot, Space Commerce Matters
  • Squadron Leader, Dr Bonnie Posselt, Royal Air Force
  • Dr Varsha Jain, University of Edinburgh

2:05-2:30pm – Closing Address

  • Dr Brian Crucian, Immunology/Virology Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center “’SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Impacts on NASA Ground Operations to Protect ISS Astronauts”

This event is open to Industry, Government, Clinical and Academic thought leaders in these sectors and operating in the interface.

If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact Philip.Carvil@stfc.ac.uk

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