Health Matters helps established and emerging businesses in the Liverpool City Region launch innovative products and services into the health and care market. Whether you are at the start of your journey or ready to commercialise, we are here to help. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about an idea or you need help protecting your innovation, click below, complete the form and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Businesses at the innovation stage can access a range of support services including: 

  • Market gap analysis and research 
  • An assessment and valuation of the potential clinical need of their target market 
  • Assistance with bid and procurement writing 
  • Access to academic and clinical experts 
  • Access to industry partners and introductions potential customers

Product stages


Have you got an idea that you think would improve patient care or health outcomes in general? If so, Health Matters can help. We provide bespoke one-one-one assistance, helping a business to develop their idea. Bringing together academic, health and industry partners we can provide practical assistance. This ranges from helping businesses with procurement, tenders, tailored marketing for the NHS and support with bid writing for funding opportunities. 

Intellectual property

Does protecting your idea seem like a minefield? We know there are often commercial sensitivities around new products and services. If this sound like you, we are here to help. Health Matters works directly with a number of partners to safeguard your IP. Partners include: Medilink NW,  Trustech  and  2 Bio. 

Market analysis

Health Matters provides businesses with assistance in market research, particularly to identify current and future clinical needs in the market. We can also help to identify key NHS frontline staff, commissioners and health and care professionals relevant to your business accessing data sources, undertaking market research and competitor analysis. To give you a really clear picture and best chance of success.

Access to finance

Health Matters understands the finance and funding landscape. We can provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the funding options available to you, including signposting you to potential angel investors and helping to prepare you for potential investment opportunities.

Prototype development

Do you have a product or service which you are currently developing but you are unsure exactly what you should be measuring or what will be useful when you get to the commercialisation stage? The Health Matters team comprises of a range of academic, health and industry experts who can help you to develop your product to ensure that it has the best chance of being adopted into the health and care markets. They will help you set the parameters to best test your prototype.

Join the programme today to access world-class academic researchers, health experts and industry partners.